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Human resources are the most valuable assets of our companies, which ascribe its continuous success to the modern management, hard work and the gain of foreign and domestic professional and knowledgeable staff, who is able to quickly react, efficiently and boldly. The results of our work to date have created the basis for a stable operation of the whole system.

Prespa Group is made up of employees as engineers, accountants, technicians, lawyers all experienced specialists in their relevant applicable fields.

Employment policy guided by:

  • The qualifications of the candidate

  • Experience

  • Skill

  • The professional behavior and the adaptability in a multicultural environment, compressed altogether for the high requirements with the position.


In terms of policies for the development and assessment of employees the Group supports individuals and working groups to improve their practices and performance. The overall performance monitored through the Evaluation System which extends to all departments. The Group encourages the staff to improve their professionals knows how and experience, through various training where the employees can enhance their skills and knowledge through a comprehensive development plan. The Group follows and applies the internal regulations as well as European standards for the quality and the management in order to achieve the highest outcomes of work and adding higher values to the company.

One of the targets ​​of the company is to create a positive working environment where employees feel valued and respected for the work they do.


The system of human resource management involves the application of procedures and standards for each function such as:

  • Procedures for recruitment

  • Training

  • Personnel Administration

  • An appeal

  • Internal regulations etc.

    • Administration – Office

    • Architecture

    • Finance

    • Civil Engineer

    • Mechanical Engineer

    • Lawyers

    • Management

    • Workers & Specialists

    • Drivers

    • Technicians

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